Moviestarplanet hacks and cheats for beginners

Intro about latest Moviestarplanet hack updated in 2018

We all know that diamonds and star coins are hard to win in Moviestarplanet. So I decided to help you with a little tutorial and teach you how to get VIP accounts for 1 year and how to generate diamonds and star coins in unlimited number. As you know, there are all kinds of programs on the internet that claim to help you but they just waste your time without receiving the promised resources. Some of them have worked and are still working, but they are used by a small number of gamers. Moviestarplanet is a fairly popular and competitive game and that’s why many do not have access to good hacks for Moviestarplanet. But today I’ve decided to surprise you to offer you free access to the hack I use for Moviestarplanet to generate VIP, star coins and diamonds in unlimited number. The program I am using now is updated in 2018 and updates itself every time there is an update.

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Step by step tutorial for using Moviestarplanet cheats

I do not know if you’ve used cheats for Moviestarplanet or other games so far, but it’s going to happen very easily and without a lot of headaches. All you need is a PC that runs Windows of any type, be it Windows 7, 8 or 10, and an account on where we add the generated resources.
If you have an account on the site we can go to work. Download the program by clicking on the “Download” button (no need to complete a survey). Then click right and “Run as administrator”. Now the program will start and will appear on the desktop. As you can see in the screenshot above, you have some options that you will need to use. In the username and password boxes, you will enter the name and password from your account. Then you will need to click on the “Log in” button and select what you want to get in your account, diamonds or star coins.


I usually use both options or the VIP option that upgrades your account to a VIP account. Once you have selected the desired options, the cheat for Moviestarplanet will add to your account everything you selected in the program.

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Everything happens quickly, there is no need to wait for minutes to get the resources. That’s about that for now. If it has been helpful, please share it on social networks and help others as I have helped you. Sharing is caring! Happy gaming!